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"Intrinsic, task-focused motivation is also essential to creativity (Hennessey, 2010). The research of Teresa Amabile (1996, 1999) and others has shown the impor- tance of such motivation for creative work, and has sug- gested that people rarely do truly creative work in an area unless they really love what they are doing and focus on the work, rather than the potential rewards. Motivation is not something inherent in a person: One decides to be motivated by one thing or another"

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"From the investment view, then, the creative person buys low by presenting a unique idea and then attempt- ing to convince other people of its value. After convinc- ing others that the idea is valuable, which increases the perceived value of the investment, the creative person sells high by leaving the idea to others and moving on to another idea. People typically want others to love their ideas, but immediate universal applause for an idea usually indicates that it is not particularly creative."

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Brian X. Chen:

If there’s one thing to learn from new versions of Apple’s mobile software, iOS, it might be that everyday people don’t care about what so-called tech influencers have to say. Many developers and designers scrutinized early versions of iOS 7 before its release, saying it was awkward to use and the design was not attractive.

The latest operating system has a far different design than earlier versions, but consumers appear to be reacting mostly positively to the change. Topsy, a company that does Twitter analytics, sampled seven million Twitter posts about iOS 7. About 1.2 million of the tweets were positive and 1.1 million were negative; the rest were neutral. Most of the negative tweets were from people complaining about having to wait to download the software update, Topsy said.

"I think iOS is a disaster. Moving chairs around on deck of titanic."

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René Magritte’s early art deco advertising posters, 1924-1927.

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Marc Allante (Hong Kong) - #1: Achilles, 2013   #2: Descent, 2012       Paintings: Inks on 300gsm Cold Press Paper

(Source: marcallante.com)

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Frankenstein and his lovely Bride. All art by Mike Bell.

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